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Green Tea Decadent Body Fluff

Green Tea Decadent Body Fluff

$ 13.00

Decadent Body Fluff is a luxury water based moisturizer with a body cream feel to it.  It is loaded with skin loving oils such as almond and wheat germ that are high in Vitamin E. We’ve also included Vitamin E oil for an extra moisturizing boost! It incredibly absorbs into the skin on contact leaving your skin feeling well moisturized with a beautiful natural sheen. It works well for all skin types including those who are sensitive or suffer from dry flaky skin.

What does Green Tea smell like?
A fresh aroma of warm steeping green tea leaves.

After bathing, thoroughly pat the skin dry (do not rub). Apply Decadent Body Fluff in a circulation all over body. Use small amounts at a time to ensure product absorbs into the skin and prevent excess usage.

Ingredients: Select here for the list of ingredients we use in our decadent body fluff.

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