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Complexions Beauty Bar - Vegan

Complexions Beauty Bar - Vegan

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Luxury Artisan Soaps from Luxurious Bath Boutique are crafted with the entire bathing experience in mind. We formulate our soaps by focusing on the condition of your skin before, during and after you bathe.
Skin must be gently yet thoroughly cleansed. While bathing, our luxury artisan soaps gently removes dirt and oil from your skin while leaving your skin feeling smooth, conditioned and squeaky clean without stripping the skin. 
Complexions Beauty Bar was created for individuals who experience skin discoloration, hyper-pigmentation, acne, etc. Based on the formula used in The Everything Bar, this bar of soap great for your face and your body.
Turmeric exudes the following properties:
  • Anti-inflammatory (properties help reduce redness and calm irritations and conditions such as rosacea)
  • Antibacterial (disinfect and heals the skin, fights acne)
  • Antioxidant that helps fend off the free-radical damage that causes premature skin aging
  • Remedies uneven skin tone (helps fade dark marks that may remain on the skin once acne clears and your overall complexion)
    What does Complexions Beauty Bar smell like?:
    Nothing....this soap is unscented.

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