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Rē - Complete Body Oil

Rē - Complete Body Oil

$ 32.00

Luxurious Bath Boutique’s Rē complete body oil is a great addition to your skin care routine.  This body oil was created to not only moisturize your skin, but it can also help seal in moisture and keep it there. Light and easily absorbed this luxurious body oil uses a unique blend of luxury oils to enhance overall skin health! moisturize, firm, and soothe the skin (among . Once applied skin it is locked in! 

Rē (pronouncd Ree) is the prefix of each word this oil represents:

  • Replenish: to fill or build up again
  • Restore: - to bring back to or put back into a former or original state
  • Revive: to restore to consciousness or life
  • Rejuvenate: to make young or youthful again : give new vigor to your skin.

Rē body oil is a lightweight oil that’s comprised of 6 luxury skin loving oils to improve the skin health of your entire body. Hair/Scalp, Face and body. Even your nails!!!

Body oil properties:

Olive Oil - Moisturizes, non-comedogenic (doesn't clog pores), deep cleans the skin, relieves itch, exfoliant, high in antioxidants (anti-aging) antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory (soothes inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema (atopic dermatitis), irritation caused by soaps, perfumes, etc. (contact dermatitis) or scaly dandruff (seborrhic dermatitis).

Moringa Oil - Moisturizes (emollient), hydrates, cleanses the skin, lightens skin, anti-aging (antioxidants), exfoliant, anti-microbial) combats acne, reduces dandruff and split ends, loaded with vitamins and minerals (90 nutrients, 9 essential amino acids and omega-3 fatty acids).

Rosehip Seed Oil - Non-greasy, hydrates, softens skin, anti-aging (high in antioxidants), stimulates collagen production (high in Vitamin C), treats acne, combats free radicals that cause sun damage (Vitamin C and E), skin regeneration (get rid of scars and reduce the appearance of stretch marks), emollient (protective barrier; smooths out flakiness).

Jojoba Oil - Moisturizes, Non-comedogenic (doesn't clog pores), anti-oxidant, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, cleanses the skin, skin protectant, accelerates wound healing process, stimulates collagen synthesis, replenishes and improves hair texture, treats dry scalp (get rid of dandruff), softens and detangles hair.

What does Rē complete body oil smell like?:
This product is unscented. 
Size: 4 oz.

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