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Ash with Carrot Seed

Ash with Carrot Seed

$ 13.00

Luxury Artisan Soaps from Luxurious Bath Boutique are crafted with the entire bathing experience in mind. We formulate our soaps by focusing on the condition of your skin before, during and after you bathe.

Skin must be gently yet thoroughly cleansed. While bathing, our luxury artisan soaps gently removes dirt and oil from your skin with the help of Kaolin clay while gluten free oatmeal, yogurt and coconut milk leaves your skin feeling smooth, conditioned and squeaky clean without stripping the skin.

Ash was specifically created for the face and body. A bar of soap loaded with skin loving ingredients such as Charcoal, Neem oil and Carrot Seed Essential Oil to soothe common skin care issues such a intertrigo, eczema and psoriasis. Ash soap has an "earthy" scent.
Carrot Seed oil is known to protect wounds from becoming septic, fights infections, removes toxins from the body, neutralizes free radicals and reverses the effects of oxidation and promoting the regeneration of new cells.
Carrot Seed essential oil properties - Antiseptic, disinfectant, detoxifying, anti oxidant and a tonic.

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