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6 Month Auto Ship Program - Down There Skincare®️ Artisan Soap & Powder Set

6 Month Auto Ship Program - Down There Skincare®️ Artisan Soap & Powder Set

$ 22.00

This subscription is for 6 months at the discounted price. Products are automatically charged/shipped every 30 days. In order to receive this discount, subscriptions can be cancelled after the sixth charge. Please email with any questions prior to enrolling.

Down There Skincare™

The new unisex personal cleansing soap from Luxurious Bath Boutique!  This product originally debut with LBB in July 2014 as a feminine soap.

This product was created for men and women to gently cleanse and deodorizes your personal parts without harsh detergents, synthetic fragrances or colorants.

The active ingredients in Down There Skincare™ soap is yogurt, vinegar and clay.

This soap works great in other areas as myself, family, friends and lovely customers have informed me of for the past two years!

  • All over body bar
  • Inner thighs
  • Folds of your skin
  • Face
  • Feet
  • Under arms

 Down There Skincare™ Powder

Relief is just a sprinkle away!

Every wondered if you will be able to find a product that kept you feeling/smelling fresh for hours without irritating your skin?  If you did, I have the perfect product for you.  Introducing the Down There Skincare Powder for men and women.
A wonderful blend of herbs and essential oils sitting on a base of arrowroot powder to ensure the skin has the proper foundation to stay as dry as possible without any irritation that many other products claim to not do.

Recommendations to use powders safely

• Don’t inhale it. Dab it on rather than dust it wildly. Don’t breathe in while it’s still in the air. Either turn your head away, cover your mouth and nose with a kerchief, or dab it on, then walk away from the powder cloud you send up when you use it. This is not toxic, but it's not a good feeling to have powder in your lungs either.

• Don’t apply it into your genital area. the fine particles can get into your vaginal tract and cause problems. Apply outside this area gently in a wiping fashion

 If you use it on your feet, cover your mouth and nose when you’re applying it so you don’t inhale it. Just grab a hand towel or wash cloth and hold them over your mouth and nose while you’re shaking the powder up. Stand up as soon as you’ve sprinkled the powder so you won’t inhale it.

Ingredients: Select here for the list of ingredients we use in our handmade soaps 

Prior to purchasing, please read the Product Care InstructionsProduct / Information Disclaimer and Returns/Shipping Policies.

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