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Who is Beauty Mixtress™?

Beauty Mixtress


Hello, my name is Beauty Mixtress™ the proud CEO and founder of Beauty Mixtress, LLC.  I love all things pretty, girly that downright smell good. If you knew me when I was younger, your eyes and mouth should be wide,, lol. Yes, that's right you have arrived at the girly girl lounge, lol. 

My Story

OMG, there are so many reasons why I started making skincare products but let's talk about the main issues.

First, I never really felt clean and my skin would go raw fast. Mostly because I sweat very easy. The soaps I used always left a not so clean scent when I would sweat. I know I cleansed well so what was the problem? Yes, sweating can cause odor but not that fast. The scents did not work well with my body type (pheromones). Also, my skin would go raw. My skin was already compromised because of sweat but when you accompany that with a soap that does not work for you, your skin can suffer and become raw. Especially where fabric is rubbing against the skin.

Second, certain ingredients did not work for my skin. There is a popular bodywash I purchased in November 2010 that I was excited to use. I was so tired of being irritated that surely what this bottle was promising will work. I used the product for about a month and realized that I became itchy. Thinking because the December air is dry is the reason, I proceeded to using it. Until one day my arm was itching, and I began to scratch my arm. When I looked down, I noticed there were white flakes on my arm. I couldn’t understand what it was as I showered that morning and did not apply any lotion. I was perplexed as I was not “ashy” at all. I went to look at the ingredients on the bodywash and was stunned to see one of the ingredients listed was petroleum. I don’t know why on earth a company would put petroleum in a bodywash.

 I was so dry and itchy that I went to my local dollar store and bought a bottle of bodywash to strip the other bodywash from my skin. Can you say NIGHTMARE!

Third, “down there” began to suffer. It’s unfortunate this area continues to be problematic for so many women and men that not even a clean diet can fix. Nevertheless, I became irritated and could not find relief. I went to my doctor and was told to use “special” lotions you can purchase from your local pharmacy. After using these lotions, I returned to my doctor to show him these special lotions had me go from bad to worse.

I am not sure if you can imagine the emotional toll one endures when dealing with so many issues. It was never suggested that I had sensitive skin as no one in my family has it. Heck, it never crossed my mind, but that’s exactly what I had, and can you believe not one doctor stated this?

Beauty Mixtress LLC (formerly Luxurious Bath Boutique, LLC)

In 2011, I began researching began researching ingredients I could make from home for myself then Luxurious Bath Boutique was born! One of the most fulfilling aspects of my life. I am truly inspired every day in creating awesome products for my family, customers and myself.

The many natural and naturally derived ingredients are truly magnificent to learn about and source for our products. I am truly amazed at was this earth produces for our skin.

Luxurious Bath Boutique LLC was officially formed in 2014 then changed to Beauty Mixtress LLC in 2018 to encompass all of our wonderful brands it currently holds (Beauty Mixtress™, Down There Skincare® and Performance Skincare™).

Beauty Mixtress™