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Down There Skincare®️ Bundle

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Created for men and women to gently cleanse and deodorize your personal parts without harsh detergents, synthetic fragrances or colorants.

Gently cleanse your skin and knock out musty odors with a one-two punch by using Down There Skincare® Soap or Down There Skincare® Body Wash. Our in-house essential oil blend was created to not mask odors, but deodorize. Leaving down there feeling and smelling clean!

Stop the burn, itch and skin sensitivity with Down There Skincare® Conditioning Balm. Skin irritations are caused by many reasons. Whether urine, medication, pH balanced is off, soap, detergent, just to name a few. If your skin is experiencing any of these issues, apply this balm to the area. A little goes a long way! Not only will your skin feel instant relief from nourishing Argan oil and moisturizing Cupuacu butter, it also as a skin protectant as it protects the skin from wetness. You know any wetness on broken, irritated skin feels like fire!!!! 

Work long days? Do you sweat heavily? Play a lot of sports? Have a physical job? If this describes you, I'm sure you feel self conscious on these days wondering if you smell sweaty or have developed an odor. Allow Down There Skincare® Freshening Mist come to your rescue and become your best friend. Small enough to fit right into your pocket, this mist will freshen you up without the need to change your clothes! When down there needs a pick me up, apply to dry skin and allow to dry for a minute. Mist deodorizes to leave you smelling just clean! It can also be applied to underwear, clothes and as a natural deodorant (spray 6-8 inches away). Oh, let me not forget, this mist can also deodorize feet! Meet your new best friend!!!!

Sweaty hot flashes, playing the park with the kids, outdoor BBQ with the family can leave you wet in all the wrong places. But did you know that sweat left on the skin for long periods of time can cause bacteria and irritate the skin causing an odor or even worse, the skin becoming raw. Don't allow a fun filled day turn into a day of regret. Apply Down There Skincare® Body Powder down there and in all the places that accumulates sweat. Our powder will repel sweat away from your skin to keep it dry, smoothe and odor free!

Bikini/body waxing just got easier! Ingrown hairs are non-existent and even skin-tone is possible with Down There Skincare® Scrub. This scrub is similar to LBBs Bath in a Jar scrub as it's a body wash base scrub (not an oil scrub). Infused with essential oils to aid in cleansing, soothing and deodorizing the skin.

Sugar is used as the exfoliant. It is a natural humectant, meaning that it brings in and retains moisture. This helps skin stay hydrated and look more radiant.

If you wax or trim your bikini line, exfoliation one day prior to hair removal will help prevent ingrown hairs. Exfoliation brings hair to the surface and removes dead skin for smoother results.

Lastly, exfoliating can help moisturizer work more efficiently, since unclogged pores can retain moisture better.

End your day on a warm note when you soak in Down There Skincare® Foaming Bath Bomb. Infused with Olive oil and a lovely aromatic essential oil blend, your next bath is sure to be a unique experience. Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) and kaolin clay gently remove dirt, oils and shedding skin while olive oil moisturizes and prevents the skin from being stripped. With the addition of Apple Cider Vinegar to balance pH, yogurt to moisturize, you will emerge from your bath clean and refreshed without irritation.

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