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How Can Someone Hate LBBs Soaps?

Good morning friends!

After years of research, trial and error, etc., I never thought I would hear these words (I hate her soaps). In fact, it shook my entire body to its core. I had never heard anyone say this about my products before. Was I mad?, no. Did I want to tell her off?, no. Was I hurt?, I surely was. Those of you who have been an LBB customer for some time are probably wondering who would say these things about LBB? To answer, I'm sure there is quite a bit who do, it's part of business. The fact that I always welcome and encourage feedback about my products at every opportunity just blows my mind that a person (who I had a conversation with and she was quite nice at the time), turned around and spoke badly about me and my products. Now she doesn't know I was made aware of what she said (she may now because she stayed on my mailing list🤷🏽‍♀️), but I am sure she doesn't care and neither do I. She is entitled to her opinion and that is the end of that. Trust, there was more said, but I digress.

So why did I want to share this story with you? Simply, because products and product makers are different and you should expect different with every company you purchase from. I do my best to educate my customers about my products on the LBB website under each listing, but I can't make you read it. It's unfortunate that the reason why this person said these harsh words was because she expected my products to be the same as other products she has purchased from other companies🤷🏽‍♀️ She did not know about my products or LBB as a company. She was not aware of things she could have done to make her experience a good one. It's one thing to say that certain products are not for you, but to hate them because you knew nothing about them🤔, SMH.

In part, this is the reason why I have been sending these types of emails over the past couple of weeks. Some prefer to read the website while some prefer to read an email or the monthly newsletter. From this experience, I thought I would share a couple of things that you should do when either switching between LBBs soaps, switching from LBB to another handmade soap (or vice versa) or purchasing products in general.

Ask Beauty Mixtress

1. Read about a company and their products before purchasing

It is always best to read up on a company and product before purchasing. How do you know if this is the company for you? Even if you are referred to a company by family or friends, it would behoove you to do some research to see if this is something you should purchase. If you don't understand something, reach out to the company with any questions you may have. A good company will be ready and willing to answer your questions to put your mind at ease prior to you making a decision on whether to purchase or not. Another way to think about it is when you are needing a product you have never purchased before, don't you read the labels of the product in the store? Yes, so please do the same when shopping online.

2. Exfoliate between soaps

Always exfoliate between switching soaps. I like to use exfoliating gloves with the new bar of soap. This way you are exfoliating off the previous soap formula and adding the new to your skin. Without exfoliating a previous soap from your skin, you may experience tight, itchy, white/ashy skin. This is mainly caused by the new soap not removing the oils of the previous soap from your skin completely. This is not unusual as handmade soaps are gentle and may take 2-4 showers to remove the previous soap from the skin. This is not the case for everyone, but it does happen. Also, note that an older bar of soap is VERY mild. It would be almost impossible to remove a previous soap. Keep this in mind when purchasing any of our clearance soaps/bodywashes.

3. Just because its a deal, does not mean its a deal that will benefit you

Sometimes a good sale is a great opportunity to purchase from a company you have been eyeing for a while. But don't get caught up in the hype. Just like Black Friday sales at Wal-mart. When that flyer comes in the mail, you may be all excited about that 60 inch SMART TV for $298! What a deal, what a bargain you may say, but really let's look at the item a little deeper. What is the brand of this TV? Is it 4k? How many/what types of apps does it have? How many ports come with the TV? and so on and so forth. So yes, this TV is a great deal, but if it is not what you're really wanting to buy, then don't buy it. Leave that TV and pay a little extra for the brand you want that includes features that you really want your TV to have.

I hope this email has helped you today in understanding that every product, business, etc. is different. Take your time to learn about a company and their products as this will help you make informed decisions rather than impulse buy. With that said, I know some you have never perused our website or haven't visited in a while so give Luxurious Bath Boutique a visit today! 

See you in the next blog!

Beauty Mixtress™


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